Mr. wOw Humiliates Another Proud Christmas Tree


By wowowow | Published December 22, 2010 | Full size is 275 × 200 pixels

Mr. wOw's Christmas Tree

Mr. wOw’s Christmas Tree

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  1. avatar Grace OMalley says:

    My Christmas is complete!  I’ve been anxiously awaiting the appearance of the tacky tree!  Merry Christmas Mr. Wow and Mr. B!

  2. avatar Lisa Hamner says:

    Oh, I hate the idea that a Christmas tree is supposed to be understated and elegant.  NO!  When I see one of those “tasteful” trees I break out in hives, as they seem to scream to me ”you are a peasant, you are unworthy of basking in my houte couture glow”.  A Christmas tree should be a way to scream to the world “I am happy damnit, and even if the season makes me sad in an irrational way HERE I AM!”  I love the fragrance of a real tree, and have been known to keep one around way past its expiration date solely for the high I get upon opening my front door after a stressful day and exeriencing the aromatherapy that only a Christmas tree can provide.  Even in mid February.  I love your tree Mr. Wow.  It makes me happy to look at it.  I love my tree, too.  My $10 real tree that is sparse on top and smells wonderful and will be what I am looking at while I attempt to put together a doll house that requires 4 hours of assembly in my studio apartment in the Bronx while my daughter sleeps nearby.  Wish me luck that Santa is successful.  Merry Christmas Mr. Wow.  You’ve shared so much of yourself with us this year.  I wish your a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years.

  3. avatar SMALL TOWN GIRL says:

    I love your tree Mr. Wow and have been awaiting your picture, its a happy tree and thats what I love about it. happy New Year

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